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You can collaborate with VOluntarios Itinerantes in many ways

01. As a volunteer

Volunteering is a different way to spend our free time. We are used to carrying out most of our activities due to obligation and/or necessity. To make the decision to become a volunteer allows us a new perspective about our motivation for doing things. When we join a cause that inspires us, we carry out tasks in a way that we’ve never done before. In addition, volunteering is the perfect space to develop skills and values that are difficult to strengthen in other settings. Volunteering doesn’t only allow us to develop as people, but also to meet new people with whom our paths wouldn’t have crossed in our daily routine. Throughout our short history, over 500 people have taken part in Voluntarios Intinerantes and, in one way or another, have given consistency to this project. Plus, we make up a varied group of humans: our youngest volunteer is 9 years old and our oldest is 72; there are more women than men (approximately 60/40) and we have counted up to 20 nationalities.

Your commitment as a volunteer depends on you and we understand that your involvement cannot always be the same. If you want to help, don’t think so much about what’s getting in the way, follow us and you’ll see the possibilities that you can offer to this group. Who can be a volunteer? Anyone who respects animals and shares our values and objectives, regardless of age, sex, origin, skills, abilities, or any other characteristic. We can’t all perform the same tasks, but we can all do our part.

02. As a member

Many volunteers are also members. If you want to give financial support to

Voluntarios Itinerantes, keep in mind our main advantage: with your contribution you are not only helping one entity but all the shelters where we collaborate.

All Voluntarios Itinerantes members receive a card, a bimonthly newsletter informing you about our activities and the annual report which describe what we’ve done, spent, earned and planned to do in the future. Members can attend the annual general assembly and, if they are still not volunteers, can accompany us to the shelters to see where their monthly fees are being spent and get to know the beneficiaries: the dogs and cats living at the shelters.

03. If you can’t think of any other way to help

If you can’t be a volunteer or member, you can help us with the campaigns we organize periodically (see the calendar or check our Facebook) or simply make a donation by bank transfer to our account

(IBAN: ES89 0182 1031 7602 0156 9059), or through Paypal in the link.

If you can think of another way to collaborate, contact us.

We thank Terranea for their collaboration these years.