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These are the organizations and shelters where we regulary collaborate

Animals Sense Sostre

In the 2+ years that we’ve been collaborating with Animals Sense Sostre, we’ve helped them and learned a lot in the process because it’s the shelter where we are most present. We humbly believe that we’ve improved the lives of the animals that live there. In addition to walking dogs and cleaning the facilities every Sunday, Animals Sense Sostre is a place where we train our new volunteers. We’ve also taken some of their dogs to animal fairs, collected donations, food and treatments to support them in their initiatives. It’s a satisfactory collaboration for both parts and we hope it continues for many years to come.

Santuario Buena Vida

The protagonists of Santuario Buena Vida have been and always are animals. Buena Vida is a Sanctuary where animals are rescued from abuse and exploitation. It is linked to Animal Liberation groups and constantly receives new inhabitants. It is founded by a couple who, tired of the dynamics of living in the city, bought a small piece of land on the outskirts and began to take in animals. Dedicated 100% to this, they were not able to say no to any rescue, and in a short time they had sheltered more than 200 animals and had to buy hectares to be able to house them all. The shelter, barely known and completely anonymous, is financed with the help of friends and acquaintances, but this has a very high cost and maintaining the balance between the animals that arrive and the money that comes in to support them is beginning to become complicated. Here there is no ego or luxuries, yes, the animals will never lack for anything… because that is what we are for: by and for them ALWAYS.

We collaborate in a timely manner

In the past we’ve collaborated with other shelters and, although we don’t visit them regularly, they are part of our story and we are always willing to help them when they need it.


This shelter no longer exists, but we will always remember it because it is where

Voluntarios Itinerantes began, where we learned to organize volunteers, define needs and find solutions, to get to know the problems related to adoption and restructure the overall management of a shelter. Voluntarios Itinerantes would not be the same had it not been for our experience in Òdena.


This shelter won the second edition of the Voluntarios Itinerantes prize and we’ve started helping them with what shelters need most: volunteers ready to get to work. Currently we combine Sunday walks with construction work. We’re building a new section of cages and we’ve put up new fencing to give the dogs more space to run and play.


This is a shelter located in Tarragona where cages have been replaced with open areas to allow the dogs to socialize. We helped with the construction of two new fenced areas and we always include Arda whenever we organize a food drive.

Protectora d'Animals de Tàrrega

This shelter won the first addition of the Voluntarios Itinerantes prize with their project to build new patio area for their dogs. With their dedication and our help, the improvement to the facility were spectacular. We also help them periodically by walking as many dogs as we can, focusing on those that are scared and slow to trust. This is a shelter where we always feel welcome and are always eager to go back.

Segarra-Cervera refugi

We have helped this small shelter by walking dogs, cleaning, organizing, as well as any other task in which we can be useful. We keep in touch with them and are available whenever they need us.

Fundación Hope&Help

Their mission is very clear: avoid solitude among the elderly as well as animal abandonment. Voluntarios Itinerantes is helping to manage their volunteers and, when the project is more advanced, we will participate in the events they organize.

Projecte Empathia

We met Montse through the Tàrrega shelter. Her sanctuary and home in Valls takes in elderly and sick dogs with few options to be adopted. She offers them the best possible life during their final days. We contribute by helping with food drives, making improvements to the installations, accompanying the dogs on walks, giving them cuddles and sharing experiences that contribute to the future of her project. 

Rodamons 24h

We got to know this association when it was in the process of closing and we helped by walking their dogs and providing food donations. We keep in touch with them to help promote the dogs that are still waiting to be adopted.

Segundas Oportunidades

During the strictest period of confinement, we go to know Segundas Oportunidades and the people who run it. We knew that they needed help right away, so we quickly purchased food for the dogs to make up for the lack of donations. What started as an online purchase sent to the shelter turned into collaboration that has lasted over a year, in which we built a new shelter for their dogs. Visit them. 

What about cats?

We are also involved in projects related to cats. The Vilanimal association was a finalist for the Voluntarios Itinerantes project and that’s why we wanted to know their needs. Their project consisted of the construction of an enclosure for abandoned cats and we will try to help them make this a reality. We’ve also provided donations to Gats Lliures de Vallirana, Proaniplan, Progat Catalunya and Creixell Natura.

Gats Creixell

Over a year ago, our Vice President moved to Creixell and, from the first day, started collaborating with the associations that care for cat colonies in the area. We help them with food drives for the cats and we continue collaborating as needed. Visit them.

…and we’ve visited many other shelters to get to know how they work, to learn and understand their problems, to exchange experiences, and if we can, to help. If you manage a shelter in the Barcelona area and want us to visit and get to know you, contact us.

We thank Terranea for their collaboration these years.